FoodNiche Summit


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8:30 am


Registration | Networking | Refreshments

9:15 am

Main Stage

Welcome Remarks

Speaker: Bunmi Olayanju CFA, Co-founder & CBO, FoodNiche Inc

9:25 am

Main Stage

Opening Keynote: Transforming Food Systems for Human and Planetary Health

Speaker: Jess Fanzo PhD, Professor of Climate, Director of Food For Humanity Initiative, Columbia University

9:50 am

Main Stage

Alternative Protein Innovation: Fostering Consumer Education and Adoption

This session is focused on discussing strategies for effective communication and consumer education that are crucial for driving acceptance of alternative protein products.
– Andrew D. Ive, Founder & Managing Partner, Big Idea Ventures
– Jim Cali, General Partner, Next Gen Nutrition Investment Partners
– Ben Berman, Co-Founder & CEO, Tomorrow Farms
– Emma Ignaszewski, Associate Director, Industry Intelligence & Initiatives, Good Food institute

10:40 am

Main Stage

Solution Spotlight

Speaker: Gabor Forgacs, Co-founder & CSO, Fork and Good

10:50 am

Exhibition Floor

Sampling Break

11:10 am

Main Stage

Navigating Regulatory Hurdles in Food Innovation

– Jason Dietz, Biotechnology Coordinator, FDA
– Anabelle Broadbent PhD, Founder & CSO, Verde Ops
– Amaru Sanchez, Attorney, Wiley Rein LLP

12:00 pm

Main Stage

Solution spotlight

Focus on alternative proteins

12:15 pm


Lunch | Exhibition | Networking

1:15 pm

Main Stage

Investing in Sustainable Food Innovation

This panel will provide an overview of the current state of capital raising in the food innovation sector and weigh in on future trends and shifts in the investment landscape.

– Stu Strumwasser, Managing Director, Green Circle Foodtech Ventures
– Anne Greven, Managing Director, ING
– Jenn Smith, Executive Director, Grow NY/ Cornell University
– Paola de Almeida, Operating Advisor, Pegasus Capital Advisors
– James Caffyn, Partner, Lever VC


2:05 pm

Main Stage

Role of Technology in Promoting Food Security, Reducing Food Waste and Enhancing Sustainability

The panel discussion will examine the pivotal role of technology in advancing food security, reducing food waste, and enhancing food systems globally.

– Katie Stebbins, Executive Director, Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute, Tufts University
– Alexander Olesen, Founder & CEO, Babylon Microfarms
– Daniel Russek, Founder & CEO, Atarraya Inc
– Angel Veza, Senior Manager, ReFED

3:00 pm

Main Stage

Spotlight on Innovation | Awards Presentation

3:30 pm

Main Stage

Leveraging AI and Other Emerging Technologies to Build Robust Food Innovation Systems & Enhanced Supply Chain Processes

The panel discussion will delve into the transformative potential of AI and other technological innovations within the food industry from farm to fork.

– Koen Burghouts, VP Marketing, PepsiCo
– Ricky Silver, CEO, Daily Harvest
– Nina DePalma, VP of Product, HowGood
– Scott Landers, Co-founder & CEO, Figure 8

4:20 pm

Main Stage

Closing Remarks

4:30 pm

Auditorium | Lobby

Networking | Wrap Up