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9:30 am


Registration | Networking

10:20 am

Main Stage

Opening remarks

Julia Olayanju PhD, 

Co-founder, FoodNiche Inc. 

10:25 am

Main Stage

Opening Keynote
Securing a Healthier and Sustainable Food Future through Public-Private Sector Partnership

Kate MacKenzie, Executive Director,
NYC Mayor's Office of Food Policy

10:45 am

Main Stage

Cutting-Edge Innovation in Food Leveraging Nanotechnology

This session will present highlights from current sustainable nanotechnology research projects in the agriculture and food domain. Projects include among other the development of green, nano-carrier platforms for targeted precision delivery of nature-derived antimicrobials for food safety applications using engineered water nanostructures.


Philip Demokritou Ph.D.                                      Henry Rutgers Chair in Environmental Bioengineering, School of Public Health

11:05 am

Main Stage

The Science Behind Safe, Healthy & Sustainable Food Innovation.

Consumer demand is creating shifts in food innovation with healthier and sustainable products as a primary focus.  These shifts call for science-backed innovative strategies across the value chain, from R&D to production to packaging to distribution. Panelists will discuss examples of disruptive innovation taking place to address evolving consumer needs. They will also share their perspectives on scientific breakthroughs and emerging technologies that are most likely to differentiate the winners from losers in the fast growing movement toward healthy, sustainable food innovation.


Anabelle Broadbent Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Verde Ops

Martin Slayne Ph.D., VP Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs,

Duncan Aust Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, AgroFresh

Ellen Jorgensen, Ph.D., Co-founder & Director,
Aanika Biosciences

11:55 pm

Main Stage

Solution Spotlight: Beyond Good

A sustainable approach to chocolate innovation. In this presentation, root causes of sustainability issues will be highlighted. A unique business model that the company has found impactful will be shared.

Speaker: Tim McCollum, CEO, Beyond Good

12:10 pm


Lunch | Exhibition | Networking

1:10 pm

Main Stage

Shaping the Future of Food Innovation through Collaboration

Accelerating food innovation requires cross-sector collaboration. From technology companies providing insights to guide innovation to consumer goods companies leveraging consumer insights and R&D capabilities to develop innovative products, ongoing collaboration is crucial in driving healthier and sustainable food innovation. Our panelists will discuss how industry players (e.g. consumer goods producers, consumer insights companies, retailers and academic innovation labs) can effectively collaborate to accelerate food innovation.  Panelists will also discuss successful models of collaboration that are already in place, impediments to and opportunity areas for cross-sector collaboration to fast-track food innovation.



Alon Chen, Chief Executive Officer,

Kevin E. McCurdy, Global CPG Partner Segment Leader, Amazon

Eric Beringause, Chief Executive Officer,
Winland Foods

Jonathan Deutsch, Professor & Director,
Drexel Food Innovation Lab

Deane Sullivan, Manager, Multicultural & Local,
Stop & Shop Supermarkets’ Corporate Office

2:00 pm

Main Stage

High-Impact Networking

This segment is integrated here to allow people to get to know people on their table and around them. This is a short interlude for high impact networking.

2:05 pm

Main Stage

Innovation Stage: Optimized Foods

In this session, the CEO of Optimized Foods shares their innovative approach to alternative protein.


Zane Starkewolfe, CEO, Optimized Foods

2:15 pm

Main Stage

Prioritizing Sustainability and Consumer Well-being in Global Food Innovation

There is growing consumer focus on how to optimize health through nutrition while embracing sustainable food practices. Join our panelists to evaluate how brands can effectively balance both priorities in developing new, innovative, nourishing, and tasty products. Panelists will share success stories centered on bringing new products to market that are better for humans and for the environment. They will also examine the key considerations and enablers for consumer acceptance and commercial viability of these products.


Megan McIlroy, Director, Innovation R & D

Kevin Benmoussa, EVP
Aleph Farms

Matt Weiss, CEO
RIND Snacks 

Trish Thomas, CEO and Co-founder
Every Body Eat 


3:05 pm

Main Stage

Innovation Stage: TasteGPT

The way consumers choose what to eat and drink is already influenced by AI in countless ways. Consumers are also more informed than ever, and they expect us to meet their needs accurately, specifically, and on demand. TasteGPT can now help companies get closer to their consumers by capturing the pulse of culinary, nutritional, and dietary needs, and to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.


Alon Chen, CEO Tastewise and TasteGPT

3:20 pm

Main Stage

Investing In Innovation: Accelerating Healthy & Sustainable Food Movement

Sustained investor interest is critical for accelerating food innovation. The panel will examine how investor appetite has evolved with the growing movement towards sustainability and food as medicine. They will also explore how to keep investors’, innovators’, and consumers’ interests aligned amidst further changes in the food industry.


Anne Greven, Strategic Finance Leader and former Global Head of Food and Agribusiness Innovation, Rabobank International

Jenn Smith, Director, 
Center for Regional Economic Advancement, 
Cornell University

Bunmi Olayanju, Strategic Finance Leader, Investor & Co-founder, FoodNiche

Ben Fishman,
Chairman, Regenified LLC and Former Managing Director, Continental Grain

Henry Gordon-Smith, Founder and CEO,

4:15 pm

Main Stage

Innovation Stage: TurtleTree

TurtleTree’s purpose is to nourish both people and the planet with revolutionary food by employing state-of-the-art technologies that unlock access to high-value and high-in-demand milk bioactive ingredients.


Shou Wong, Chief Innovation Officer, TurtleTree

4:25 pm

Main Stage

Innovation Stage : Rainfed

Rainfed is an alternative protein company focused on providing consumers with sustainable, nutritious plant-based proteins and dairy alternatives using climate-resilient, underutilized crops like Millet

Speaker: Sujala Balaji, CEO, Rainfed

4:35 pm

Main Stage

Closing Remarks - Julia Olayanju