FoodNiche Summit

Shaping the Future of Food Innovation from Farm to Fork

Join global changemakers redefining the future of food for 2 days
of high-impact networking, intelligent insights, and discovery.
April 22 - 23, 2024
Cornell Tech University, New York.

2024 speakers Include:

Picture of Dr. Jess Fanzo

Jess Fanzo PhD

Professor of Climate,
Director of Food For Humanity Initiative, Columbia University 

Jason Dietz

Biotechnology Coordinator, Center For Food Safety & Applied Nutrition at FDA

Katie Stebbins

Executive Director, Food and Nutrition Innovation Institute, Tufts University

Julia Olayanju PhD

Founder & Chief Science Officer FoodNiche

Stu Strumwasser

Managing Director, Green Circle Foodtech Ventures

Anne Greven

Strategic Finance Executive, Global Food,  Agricultural & Sustainability Innovation

Koen Burghouts

Global VP Marketing, PepsiCo

Jennifer Smith

Executive Director
Grow NY / Cornell University

Andrew D. Ive

Founder & Managing General Partner, Big Idea Ventures

Gabor Forgacs

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Fork and Good

Jim Cali

General Partner, Next Gen Nutrition Investment Partners

Ricky Silver

CEO, Daily Harvest

Bunmi Olayanju

Investor & Co-founder FoodNiche Inc.

Anabelle Broadbent PhD

Founder & CSO Verde Ops

Alexander Olesen

Founder and CEO
Babylon Microfarms

Paola de Almeida

Operating Advisor
Pegasus Capital Advisors

Nina DePalma

VP of Product,


James Caffyn

Partner, LeverVC

Scott Landers

Co-founder & CEO, Figure 8

Amaru Sanchez

Attorney, Wiley Rein LLP

Ben Berman

Co-Founder & CEO, Tomorrow Farms

Daniel Russek

Founder & CEO, Atarraya Inc

Emma Ignaszewski

Associate Director, Industry Intelligence and Initiatives, Good Food Institute

Angel Veza

Senior Manager, ReFED

Bunmi Olayanju

Investor & Co-founder FoodNiche Inc.

Anabelle Broadbent PhD

Founder & CSO Verde Ops

Alexander Olsen

Founder and CEO
Babylon Microfarms

An Event For People Shaping The Future

Gain Insights From Visionary Leaders

Join hundreds of the brightest minds redefining our food system. Gain insights on successfully tackling the challenges facing our food system from farm to fork

Discover The Future Of Food Innovation

There are different innovative companies tackling challenges facing our food system. Discover exceptional innovators shaping the future of food on the FoodNiche Summit innovation stage

What To Expect

Fireside Chats


Panel Discussions

Networking delegates at FoodNiche Summit

High Impact Networking

Expand Your Network...
Accelerate Business Growth.


High Impact Networking

Expand your network of influential changemakers redefining the future of the food industry. Meet prospective collaborators, investors or partners.


Insightful Learning Opportunities

Join the brightest minds in food for intelligent insights on innovating successfully in the current food ecosystem. Learn factors driving change and factors driving consumer food purchasing decisions.


Discover Innovative Food Technology Companies.

Stay ahead of the innovation trend in food, discover collaborators, or partners from the global food ecosystem.


Showcase Your Brand

Leverage opportunities at this summit to enhance your company’s visibility, leverage your thought-leadership and promote business growth.

What Past Attendees Are Saying:

“This was a well-run event and more importantly, it brought to the table all stakeholders – convening power of food. I made some great connections with some companies in the meeting and I will follow up with them.

Phil Demokritou, PhD

Head of Environmental Bioengineering, Rutgers University

“FoodNiche® Summit NYC  was such an excellent event. Impressive lineup of speakers,  sharing valuable insights. So many golden nuggets of food innovation wisdom shared! It was great to meet so many of the attendees. I left the summit beyond inspired. The future of food is bright.

Anabelle Broadbent, PhD

Founder, Verde Ops

"Skillfully created and excellently hosted. A fantastic event! The investment panel at the FoodNiche Summit is the most informative panel session I have ever listened to."

Shou Wong, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer, TurtleTree

"Out of all the conferences I go to, I appreciate the FoodNiche Summit most because of the diversity of perspectives it brought together. There were representatives from across the food system - this kind of collaboration is key to solving the challenges of feeding the world sustainably."

Scott Landers

Co-Founder & CEO, Figure8

Frequently asked questios

Is This A Virtual Event?

This summit will take place in person in New York City. Specific addresses to each of the events will be included in your tickets.

Is there accommodation close to the venue?

We created a list of hotels here. These hotels are in close proximity to the venue for the event.

Are there group discount for teams?

Yes, there are group discounts for teams, please contact Joshua at [email protected] for details.

How can companies exhibit or present on the innovation stage at this summit?

Companies can schedule a call with the team by booking a time here.