FoodNiche Summit

Daniel Russek

Daniel Russek is the founder and CEO of Atarraya, Inc., a company dedicated to transforming shrimp into the protein of the 21st century. As CEO, Russek oversees the company’s products and vision, strategic development, business opportunities, and more.

Trained as an economist, Russek developed a deep connection with the Oaxacan coast in Mexico during his college years. His experiences distributing post-hurricane relief supplies and witnessing the poverty in the area inspired him to develop productive initiatives aimed at improving the income and living standards of rural populations, especially fishermen.
He founded Atarraya in 2019 with the goal of revitalizing the aquaculture industry. Atarraya leverages biotechnology and artificial intelligence to push the boundaries of seafood production and distribution.

Before founding Atarraya, Russek gained valuable experience as a consultant and director for various Mexican companies. He served as a senior consultant at Logyt, focusing on business analytics, and previously managed a nonprofit organization.